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Jason Kyle 

Representing your values!

Jason is a husband, father and business manager passionate about fighting for the future of Utah. Jason was born and raised in Utah and received a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Utah. He built a career in management within the medical and industrial manufacturing industry. Jason and his wife, Lupita, are very involved in their community, have four adorable daughters, and a son. They live in Huntsville.

Jason's key issues are:

·        Lower the tax burden on families, individuals, and businesses

·        Promote responsible growth and allocation of natural resources

·        Ensure local control and that YOUR voice is heard​

·        Bring prosperity to Weber and Morgan Counties

·        Support our hardworking teachers and law enforcement

"My wife and I are deeply invested in the future of our community and state. I am running to be a common-sense voice in the legislature for YOU. I will always stand up for our freedoms while protecting your tax dollars and productively working with others to promote responsible growth and get results."



Thank you for your interest. Jason believes in transparency and accountability. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please enter your email below. You can also email Jason directly at, call (385) 394-2424 or reach out on social media.

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