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Accountability: Elected representatives are accountable only to their constituents. Those that communicate with their constituency represent them the best. Representatives are to represent the will of those that elected them and not special interests or outside influences.

Education: A well educated society is one of the components of a strong economy. Utah’s Constitution establishes education as one of its core responsibilities. Every child should have the opportunity to gain a quality education. This is something we need to do well.

Federalism: Government governs best when it is close to the people. Distant bureaucrats should have minimal decision-making power on local policy. We should maximize local control while defending liberties when they are encroached.

Free market capitalism: Free market capitalism should be encouraged. Excessive regulation inhibits growth and ingenuity. Free markets create wealth and prosperity. 

Individual Liberty: We are endowed with God-given human rights. Government should protect the rights of the people. I believe strongly in all of the rights found in the Bill of Rights and will defend them vigorously.

Right to Life: The proper role of government includes protecting life, liberty and property. This includes protecting all life, especially life that cannot protect itself. I am pro-life.


Taxation: Taxation is the power to control and the power to pick winners and losers. Government should only collect funds from the people for what is necessary. Tax money belongs to the people. It is not the role of government to fund special interest projects.

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