Family, Education and Career

I was born and raised in Utah. After high school, I served an LDS mission in Colorado and Kansas for two years.


After my mission, I married my wife who was attending BYU while I attended the University of Utah. I worked as engineering technician to pay my way through school and I built a career in management after graduation.

I now manage a large group and a multimillion dollar budget. I have overseen projects that include numerous eight and nine figure acquisitions and mergers as well as the separation of a large company into two profitable businesses.

Why Politics?

I jumped into politics because I am deeply concerned about my community and State. I would like to leave a better Utah for my family. I have four daughters, those that are K-12 age attend public school. I want them to inherit a state that will be a great place to raise their own families socially and economically. Utah has been managed well and it shows. To maintain Utah as an excellent state, we need to constantly improve and not regress. 

There is a trend in government at every level wanting more and more tax dollars. Government should only collect funds for what is necessary. Tax money is the people's money and I understand the most important budget is that of families and individuals. I will fight against tax increases on gas and food to drive down the cost of living in Utah. I will be a legislator that will listen and represent the district well.