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Education – I believe in localization and personalization. Parents understand the needs of their children and should have input in their children’s education. Bureaucracy should be limited to help our teachers succeed.

Election Integrity - I support common sense approaches to protect the integrity of our elections. We have many excellent clerks in our State. We need to make sure they are set for success.

The Environment – Everybody appreciates fresh air and clean water. We should be good stewards of the environment while not succumbing to extremists. I support energy independence and an "all of the above" approach.

Fiscal Discipline – Utah has managed to not take on excessive debt. We should maintain this legacy and be prudent with the people’s tax dollars. We should limit taxation as we limit government to its proper role.

Medical Freedom & Privacy - I am against vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and governmental shutdowns. Most people's jobs are essential to them. The executive branches on the federal and state levels should not have broad power to close private businesses. Each individual should be able to make their own medical decisions. Medical records should not be shared with anyone but patients and their clinicians without approval.

Right to Life - The proper role of government includes protecting life, especially life that cannot defend itself. I will defend the most vulnerable.


State Sovereignty – Federal overreach suppresses Utah’s values. The State legislature should work to minimize the strings attached to federal dollars. Utahns should also have a larger seat at the table when it comes to its public lands.


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