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The Issues

Living Affordability

Everybody is dealing with the effects of inflation. The increase in property taxes only compounded the problem. We need to support common sense programs that limit property tax increases and give tax relief to seniors on fixed incomes. 

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People Over Party

We need to always put people ahead of party and never buy into the toxic attitudes widespread in national politics that try to score cheap political points at any cost. Honesty and integrity need to be promoted and admired.

Natural Resources & The Environment

Everybody appreciates fresh air and clean water. We should be good stewards of the environment while not succumbing to extremists. We should support energy independence. 

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IMG_5972 (1)_edited.jpg


Bureaucracy should be limited to help our teachers succeed. Teachers need to be supported in their vital role in our children's lives and our society. Parents understand the needs of their children and should have input in their children’s education.

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